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Karin Keil

Karin Keil: Ukuva iAfrica is a OneWomanCompany.

Why I have taken over the import/trade of the Ukuva iAfrica spice mills and sauces 2011

For 14 years I have been cooking with the African spices from Ukuva iAfrica. When I learned that the previous import/trade company had stopped selling the spice mills, I was very horrified, because I could not imagine my kitchen without these multifaceted and fine spices and sauces. So I decided without further ado to take over the import and distribution of these beautiful and rich in content mills and sauces. A decision that I have never regretted, because the popularity of these delicate sauces and spices is increasing year by year. It is a pleasure to be right in the middle of it all and to be there full of enthusiasm when the company grows and prospers. Especially when the background is fair from A – Z. Since I have been dealing with the subject of fair trade, I know that fair trade is not an annoying glue on the banana, but that behind it there are many people who gain perspectives, have secure income and, very importantly, receive training and further education.  Fair is fun and makes people happy, that is my experience.

I would be delighted if you too showed interest in the spices from fair trade and I would be even more pleased if you enjoyed the spice of Africa!