Fair Trade

The spices and sauces are produced under fair trade conditions in Cape Town and provide a secure income for previously unemployed people. The decorations on the spice mills and on the sauce bottles are carefully made by hand according to old African tradition. Each decoration is unique. The wire necks of the sauce bottles and the beadwork are handmade by ‘Cape Mental Health Society’ – a working oasis for mentally handicapped people from the townships around Cape Town.

The philosophy of Ukuva i Africa is: to delight the hearts of the customers with high quality products, produced with natural ingredients, and to offer the best possible support to those in need. Part of the profits will be used for training and development of the workforce and their children, as well as for team seminars at the workplace with discussion topics such as HIV/AIDS prevention, household budgets, conflict resolution, supervisor training, etc.

The production company Turqle Trading is specialized in Fair Trade and Ethical Food.
More information: www.ukuva-iafrica.com
An equally worth seeing contribution about the extraction of the natural sea salt Khoisan: Khoisan Movie (only the first minute is spoken in Swedish, afterwards reported in English)

Fair Trade presentation of Ukuva iAfrica Switzerland

I was allowed to present the principles of Fair Trade during Züspa 2016. I am happy to make the presentation available to you here.

Ukuva iAfrica – a fair trade model with heart, head and hand

WFTO World Fair Trade Organisation

The manufacturing company Turqle Trading is a member of the WFTO.
The 450 members worldwide are producer groups or traders from the so-called developing countries, traders from the North and aid organisations active in fair trade. The members commit themselves to a code of conduct that guarantees the participation of the workers, excludes exploitative child labour, ensures reasonable working hours and fair wages. In addition to social standards, the code also contains provisions on environmental protection and the sustainable use of natural resources. The WFTO controls compliance with the criteria by means of a monitoring system. Once members have gone through the monitoring process, they are entitled to use the WFTO logo in their general communication. For more information: