Khoisan salt – the unique salt

Khoisan salt is not just any salt, but a special salt that is unique worldwide.

This salt is contained in all spice mixtures of Ukuva i Africa.

Khoisan’s natural salt production facility is located in Velddrift on St. Helena Bay – about 140 km north of Cape Town on the west coast of South Africa. Khoisan Trading employs 15 full-time staff and 2 part-time or seasonal employees. At the peak of the harvesting season from October to the end of March, the number increases up to 25 employees.

Over the last four centuries, the harvesting technique of the unique Khoisan salt has not changed. Even today, the only way to obtain pure, perfect salt is through an elaborate, traditional hand harvesting process, which was learned centuries ago by the indigenous people and is now practiced by the African salt farmers. At no time do the salt flakes go through any artificial purification process.

A salt not only for seasoning, the Khoisan bath salt

To delight the hearts of the customers with first-class quality bath salts and at the same time create jobs in South Africa, provide training and further education for the employees and enable the children of the employees to receive a solid school education. The start isn’t something – it’s everything.

Ukuva iAfrica Khoisan Salt
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African Khoisan salt

With the ocean in view, salt water is pumped from the historic salt basin, an extraordinary geological phenomenon. The Atlantic seawater, which is located in an underground lake, enters the salt basin through layers of marine sediments as old as the land itself. By filtering through the layers of rock, the salt is enriched with over 85 trace elements. This brine is about 3 times saltier than the usual sea water.

As soon as the salt forms, it is skimmed off the lye by hand; the natural evaporation process can now begin. The harvest is then sifted in the processing department to divide the grain sizes – then checked and packed.

The crystals remain in their natural form – pure and perfect with vital energy. This difference in taste is noticeable – the salt tastes sparkling pure, without a soapy undertone. Only a small amount is needed to bring out the full flavour.

Fact is, the workers of Khoisan Trading produce the world’s best sea salt – under fair trade!

All clean, all fine, all fair!


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Background and goals of Khoisan

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